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note: this blog will have stuff related to all of finn and cory's relationships posted. if you don't like a particular ship, make sure you have it blacklisted because we always tag :)

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► back when glee was a comedy
finn and rachel in wheelchairs

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cory monteith + flip cam

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Cory & one of the members of Still The Sky’s Limit backstage @ Chain Reaction.

Thanks, anon! ;)

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Andrew McIlroy, the Vancouver drama coach who flew in each week to teach the course, let him take a couple of sessions for free. “Cory was like an orphan showing up, wearing five hoodies and three black coats, and really shy,” says McIlroy. “I thought, this is a kid who is trying to save himself.” A couple of weeks later, he did a monologue that made his teacher take notice. “I got that one moment,” says McIlroy. “The truth. Compassionate imagination. I said to myself, okay, actor.”

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