Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson blog. Features all updates. This blog is run by the moderators of the Cory Monteith board on Fan Forum. Join the board to appreciate Cory in all aspects (his physical features, talents, and more) and discuss his relationships, friendships, music, characters, glee storylines + spoilers, and more.

note: this blog will have stuff related to all of finn and cory's relationships posted. if you don't like a particular ship, make sure you have it blacklisted because we always tag :)

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Countdown to Cory Monteith Week: See What You Can Do!



As you all know, we are nearing May 11, Cory Monteith’s 32nd Birthday, and Montourage Unite has much planned, not only for that specific day, but for the entire week beginning May 5. This special week will not be a time of remembrance, giving back, and honor. Let it be known that May 5 -…

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Finchel in season 5

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